Sheet Metal Design

Gain the flexibility to quickly and cost-effectively create sheet metal part designs using 3D design, accelerating the design process, saving time and development costs, and increasing productivity. 


  • Design 3D solid sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Convert 3D models or imported CAD models directly to sheet metal models and automatically input your own bend radius, thickness, and K-factor
  • Design around a group of parts in an assembly automatically estimate sheet metal manufacturing costs as you design.


Since many industries require a wide range of sheet metal parts to house or enclose their designs, 3D makes a flexible design approach possible.


  • Convert imported CAD models, create original parts, or design around a group of parts
  • Generate Base, Edge, Miter, and Swept Flanges
  • Generate bends, including Lofted Bends, Sketched Bends, and more
  • Use Bend Tables for bend allowance/bend deduction
  • Use Forming Tools to create features like ribs, louvers, lances, embosses, and extruded flanges
  • Add weld details to sheet metal parts on models or drawings
  • Automatically flatten parts to generate flat patterns for manufacturing with bend compensation
  • Automatically estimate sheet metal part manufacturing cost as you design
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